Steel Magnolias

Today’s prompt has really sparked my intrigue as we have been encouraged to write a Haibun poem which is my first experience of this form. The Haibun (俳文, literally, haikai writings), for those newly acquainted with this type of poetry, is a prosimetric literary form originating in Japan, combining prose and haiku.

Magnolia Memory

Spurting Spring sings from the fragrant magnolias. Their cherry lemon scent recalling how she rose again after the fall. Each tear-shaped tepal a homage to the healing of her tranquil territory. Hopeful hearted harmony rustles through the village.

New era dawning

Dynamic diamonds dancing

Who would have thought it?

24 thoughts on “Steel Magnolias

  1. I have ‘The narrow Road to the Deep North’ by Basho which is full of these. I can kend it to – on pain of death return obviously?

    By prosaic do you mean syllabic?


      1. OK, will pop it round. I am going to try hauben, great article on the prompt for the day.
        Cross I didn’t see this before it began.


  2. I have always loved the lemon-y scent of magnolias. I will always smell them when given the opportunity and recommend others do so as well.

    I noticed the picture you shared is a Tulip Magnolia, I only discovered they existed very recently (end of March, I think). I’m well acquainted with the Southern Magnolia but I find them both delightful.


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