Back to the Future

On the eleventh day of the poetry challenge the theme is The Future. This is an interesting theme as quite often I write about past and present experiences. For this challenge I have chosen to write in the third person about an imagined Future Self who goes by the name of Tula…

Image :


Two soles pound the clay-like sand

Each thud echoing the grounded drum beat

Ankle chain charms chinking hypnotically

The clammy heat gleaming like bindis on her forehead

Her cheeks aglow with the fire of expression

This is the dance of creation.

What it is to harness the hungry strength of her spirit,

to stamp her soul into the thirsty earth!

They were waiting for her coming.

Now mesmerised by the dancing ribbons of her energy

Metamorphosing with each moment

Circles, squiggles and twists

Curving and spiralling towards the admiring stars

The flames of her aching loins powering each affirming step

Her wild passion flower heart aligned with the rugged beauty surrounding her

Beating to the calling of the cheering constellations

She has arrived.

And she trusts the calling of the universe.


4 thoughts on “Back to the Future

  1. Hmmm… you’ve made me realise I have a couple of future selves to write from – the ones who came before Captain and Crew was introduced. I might try that and see what it brings. I love the earthiness of your poem, the force, aliveness.


  2. I really enjoyed your approach to this prompt; I wish I had thought of this approach – perhaps my poem today would have been lighter.

    I can almost hear the drumbeat, the movement of her body and feet, and the jinkling of charms on her ankle. Good work.

    Thanks for checking out my poetry blog; I was happy to check out yours!

    Liked by 1 person

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