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I’m Sam Allen and I am an Creative Life Coach with a passion for poetry! I help people to access and deepen their creativity, to work through blocks and to bring their dreams to fruition. To hear me talking about why I love my creative coaching work and creativity in general on the lovely Johnny Anomaly’s Creative Coping Podcast click here :

Creative Coping Podcast Interview

I love helping my clients to unleash the free, unrestrained parts of themselves again and to invite the feeling of childlike magic back into their lives. Seeing souls shine makes me smile! To hear me talking about

I offer free no-obligations 30 minute demo sessions via Skype, Zoom or Facetime and my clients love having coaching sessions in the comfort of their own home! Please click here if you are interested in finding out more about my online sessions.

Coaching Creatively

Originally from Southampton in the UK, I have been living near to Basel in Switzerland  for the past decade and love nature, Italy, singing in my local gospel choir, hiking, swimming, drinking wine and, of course, writing poetry!

Losing my amazing Dad in 2016 prompted me to begin writing poetry on a daily basis and haven’t stopped since! My poetry is a vital part of my day to day and writing makes me feel alive, excited and in harmony with my true self. I often share my poetry live on Instagram so do follow me #coachingcreatively.

Sam Allen

Creative Life Coach


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