Who I Am

I am a passionate Creative Leadership Coach PCC/CPCC and help individuals, couples and teams to overcome blocks and anxieties and to access and deepen their connection to their Creative Fire. I am also a co-active certification coach.

I empower my clients to show up freely and authentically in their professional and personal lives. A graduate of the CTI Leadership program, I have also been through my own transformative inner process and I am able to draw on this experience in order help my clients bring their personal and professional visions to fruition.

💚 Together we unlock the incredible potential of your Creative Fire.
💚 I help you and/or your team to amplify your connection to your purpose and values.
💚 We face into challenges, work past blocks and heal doubts, anxieties and limiting beliefs.
💚 We explore in a physical and dynamic way. We listen to the wisdom of heart, body, mind and soul and they guide our work together.
💚 We interact in a powerfully energising manner. Your sense of aliveness is activated and heightened. You and your team emerge feeling more vibrant and productive and ready to co-create from a greater place of alignment.
💚 I guide you into the free expression of your uniqueness and we discover how this powerfully enhances your professional and personal relationships.
💚 I listen with and speak from my whole heart and intuition and inspire you to do the same.
💚 You are empowered to show up in your full Creative Leadership. Consciously coming from choice and intentionality. No holds barred. You are called forth into your Magnificence.
💚 At the end of our work together, I send you and/or your team a personalised, inspiring poem.

In addition to my Creative Leadership Coaching work, I also lead experiential creative leadership workshops both in person and online. As a direct result of these workshops participants report feeling more deeply connected to themselves and also mention that they experience increased creative energy and productivity and a newfound sense of self-expression. I have a gift for guiding leaders into their hearts and souls, increasing their ability to vision and lead with heartfelt conviction.

My Life Purpose is : I am the Creative Fire that Ignites Freedom.
My Core Values are : Passion, Connection, Freedom, Nature, Joy, Love and Self-Expression
6 people who I would like to go to dinner with would be : Elizabeth Gilbert, Paolo Coelho, Romesh Ranganathan, Mary Oliver, will.i.am and Bob Marley

Who are YOU when you give yourself FULL PERMISSION?


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