Who I Am

I am a passionate Creative Leadership Coach PCC/CPCC and help individuals, couples and teams to overcome blocks and anxieties and to access and deepen their connection to their Creative Fire. I am also a co-active certification coach.

I empower my clients to show up freely and authentically in their professional and personal lives. A graduate of the CTI Leadership program, I have also been through my own transformative inner process and I am able to draw on this experience in order help my clients bring their personal and professional visions to fruition.

šŸ’š Together we unlock the incredible potential of your Creative Fire.
šŸ’š I help you and/or your team to amplify your connection to your purpose and values.
šŸ’š We face into challenges, work past blocks and heal doubts, anxieties and limiting beliefs.
šŸ’š We explore in a physical and dynamic way. We listen to the wisdom of heart, body, mind and soul and they guide our work together.
šŸ’š We interact in a powerfully energising manner. Your sense of aliveness is activated and heightened. You and your team emerge feeling more vibrant and productive and ready to co-create from a greater place of alignment.
šŸ’š I guide you into the free expression of your uniqueness and we discover how this powerfully enhances your professional and personal relationships.
šŸ’š I listen with and speak from my whole heart and intuition and inspire you to do the same.
šŸ’š You are empowered to show up in your full Creative Leadership. Consciously coming from choice and intentionality. No holds barred. You are called forth into your Magnificence.
šŸ’š At the end of our work together, I send you and/or your team a personalised, inspiring poem.

In addition to my Creative Leadership Coaching work, I also lead experiential creative leadership workshops both in person and online. As a direct result of these workshops participants report feeling more deeply connected to themselves and also mention that they experience increased creative energy and productivity and a newfound sense of self-expression. I have a gift for guiding leaders into their hearts and souls, increasing their ability to vision and lead with heartfelt conviction.

My Life Purpose is : I am the Creative Fire that Ignites Freedom.
My Core Values are : Passion, Connection, Freedom, Nature, Joy, Love and Self-Expression
6 people who I would like to go to dinner with would be : Elizabeth Gilbert, Paolo Coelho, Romesh Ranganathan, Mary Oliver, will.i.am and Bob Marley

Who are YOU when you give yourself FULL PERMISSION?


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