I’m Sam Allen and I am a Creative Life Coach with a passion for poetry! Life is not a dress rehearsal and I believe we all have the right to self expression, happiness and excitement in our lives.

I am from Southampton in the UK and live near to Basel in Switzerland  and love nature, Italy, singing in my local gospel choir, hiking, swimming, drinking wine and all things creative.

I feel strongly that when we give a voice to our emotions, we liberate our souls and can live a fully expressive life.

Losing my amazing Dad in 2016 prompted me to begin writing poetry on a daily basis and haven’t stopped since! My poetry is a vital part of my day to day and writing makes me feel alive, excited and in harmony with my true self.

My website (link below) contains some recent testimonials should you be curious to find out more and I offer free 30 demo sessions.

Sam Allen

Creative Life Coach



I can be found on facebook by searching : @ SamAllenCoachingCreatively