Hi there,

My name is Samantha and I am a teacher living in Switzerland but originally from Southampton in the UK. I have always loved writing but have only shared my writing publicly in the last year and am really enjoying the connections that I have made through WordPress. I love nature, singing in my local gospel choir, hiking, swimming, drinking wine and making up silly songs! I am a trained CTI Co-Active Life Coach at the end of the certification process with over 200 hours experience and I offer free demo sessions should you be interested. My facebook page (@newflowcoaching) includes some recent testimonials should you be interested in having a look (link below). I am currently working with some truly inspirational clients and absolutely love coaching.

My Peacock Poetry blog is all about sharing poems from the heart. Writing helps me to connect to myself and the world around me in such a unique way and I really believe that by allowing ourselves to be creative in whatever form this takes, we liberate our souls and can open ourselves up to experiencing the full range of our emotional keyboards!

My email address : samanthaallen2007@yahoo.co.uk

Contact number : 0041762537140

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