About Sam Allen

Sam is a Creative Leadership Coach, Trainer and Published Author with 20 years experience as an International School Educator and Team Leader. She has coached many leaders in Swiss International Schools and has considerable experience in coaching clients in the Creative, Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical sectors.

She specialises in helping women leaders to show up authentically and designs and leads bespoke Vibrant Females – Conscious Leadership programmes for organisations wishing to create opportunities for their female employees to shine and truly maximise their potential. Her personal and team coaching style is playful, intuitive, somatic and compassionate. Her workshop facilitation style is dynamic, inclusive, expressive and authentic. Sam’s superpower is using her incredible intuition and sensitivity to see into people and challenge them in a powerfully courageous way.

A co-active coach with PCC accreditation from the ICF, Sam is also Leadership Circle Profile certified and ORSC trained. She graduated from the CTI Inner Leadership programme in February 2020 and knows from firsthand experience what it means to do the deep, inner work needed for personal growth.

Sam holds a BA in French and Drama and a PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages. Sam has empowered individuals to write books, make life-affirming career changes, overcome anxiety and to take giant leaps towards heightened self-realisation, increased authentic leadership presence and spiritual growth. An ex-lawyer and C-suite executive client recently shared that she had “never experienced anything so powerful” and that she is now able to “trust her truth”. One global client team leader reported being “touched, motivated, encouraged and brimming with energy” and another shared that his team was able to “demonstrate their creativity and really get behind their vision”.

A prolific poet and podcast host, Sam lives and breathes her own creativity and in turn inspires others to do the same. She lives near to Basel in Switzerland with her partner Andy and their three cats and is a self-confessed crazy cat lady! Sam loves communing with nature, jogging, blogging and sharing stories from the heart with friends.

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