Holy Grail Trail

In order to use up our two soon-to-be-expiring bargain Swiss travel tickets, we ventured out for a mammoth autumnal hike. Android sourced us an interesting trail from  Schwarzenburg to Fribourg which forms part of the Santiago pilgrim path. I don’t think that we have ever seen such a wide array of bovine creatures in one walk. The many cute churches and cobbled paths set against the striking palette of autumnal shades, made this walk one to remember.
Pilgrims for the Day
The steep and cobbled pilgrim path

Was like a slippery maze

I clambered down it awkwardly

And prayed for smoother ways

The red and orange autumn leaves

Went waltzing with dark greens

A myriad of cows and sheep

And baby lambs were seen

Our nostrils full of country air

Felt healthier and wiser

Inebriated, to be fair

By pungent fertilizer!

And lunch it packed a special punch

Like royalty we dined

Upon tomato pasta packs

Next to a pilgrim shrine

The little churches beckoned us

The farm cats more illusive

Our quiet hike through open fields

Felt peaceful and exclusive

The olde worlde town approached

We vowed to venture back

For now we both were homeward bound

With groceries in our packs

Said cheers as we opened our beers

Two Appenzells, crack, crack!

Yes Schwarzenburg to Fribourg

Is a stunning pilgrim’s track

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