Fall Fools

Autumn has been a deceptive creature of late, wearing the guise of late summer on many an occasion. One morning I left the house dressed rather ridiculously in my sleeping bag coat, presuming that at seven in the morning, there would be a chill in the air. I couldn’t have been more wrong and had to disrobe en route whilst simultaneously penning my morning musings!

Autumn’s Joke

Unseasonably mild, this Autumnal wind

Unreasonably wild, feel I

I’m teased and the reason that makes my soul spin

Is I’m pleased as a sweet pumpkin pie

Unusually vocal, the birds in the trees

You don’t need bifocals to see

The Fall it has spoken to us folk with ease

It evokes the light step of Spring breeze

Autumn’s joke, a Bespoke gift to seize

3 thoughts on “Fall Fools

  1. Well! Its far better to have clothing on that you disrobe than to have to look for clothing while feeling chilled! And you are right, it has been funny the weather that is. We’e had rain that caused flash floods!

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