Musical Mice

It is not every day that you randomly come across a life size mouse playing a violin on your walk to work! Just when I thought I knew Dornach inside out, I took a slightly different route and was regaled with this serendipitous surprise! Such quirky swiss sightings give flavour to the day and make me smile.

Cutting Edge Hedge Mouse

As weary eyed, with lazy strides, I ambled to my school

I turned a corner, pinched myself, felt like a Friday fool!

How could it be, in front of me, a life sized mouse was wedged?

A violin in her left hand, there perched inside the hedge!

It was a first, to hear this burst of music on my trail

Unusual to hear the call of rhythmic rodent wail

Her two blue boots, gave me the hoots, her flowing scarf was charming

I had to cheer, her little ears and whiskers were disarming!

Back on my way, I have to say,  the morning felt more jolly

The mousey tunes, were opportune, not just a passing folly

I made a vow, that as from now, I’d be more liberal thinking

Could almost see my mouse as she sat in agreement, winking!

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