Nature’s Nudges

No matter which season I’m walking in I always gain new insights and fresh perspectives from nature. A couple of days ago it was the autumnal mushrooms that caught my eye, prompting me to pen today’s poem. There is no need to go looking for ideas – they are right there before us when we go out into nature and receive them with an open heart.

Woodland Wisdom

The mushrooms poke liked lollipops between the leaf-strewn mounds

and hints of sun spin through the tops of trees high on bird sound

Don’t have to try, when open-eyed each sight brings inspiration

I feel a sense of peace inside and marvel at creation

As I progress, the thoughts are less, I’m pulled into my knowing

From being states we manifest, our rightfulness starts glowing

Slow down, no you don’t have to stop, be not so tightly-wound

suggest the mushroom lollipops, here here, confirms bird sound


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