Throughout the last few years I have noticed a pattern in myself which really serves me. Whenever I receive rejections from the outside world (and like most I’ve had a fair few) I flip the energy around and say an even bigger yes to me. This can take the form of offering myself a positive experience or signing up for a course that I’ve been longing to do. The impact of the turnaround is huge and always propels me to greater things and so I thought I would write about it!


Each time I get an outside NO, I treat it as a chance

Myself a greater YES to show, it’s how I best advance

Rejections burn but we can turn their energy to serve us

When we are jilted let’s affirm and not let it unnerve us

Whenever I am cast aside or made to feel unneeded

I let my heart space open wide for self-love we must feed it

When they don’t see, can still choose me and offer myself pleasure

Whenever I say yes to me, I’m not by others measured

When I look back it is the NO’s that helped me to evolve

Allowed a greater YES to grow and gave me self-resolve


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