They call me The Wanderer

After 38 hours of unexplained absence our baby tiger, Ziggy rocked up and wolfed down a huge bowl of cat food and biscuits. Although slightly skittish and wild looking, appearing to have no real care in the world given that he had led us to believe he would not be returning! Those 38 hours were a rollercoaster of grief, hope, frustration, sadness and beneath it all a huge affirmation of how much we love our stripy little boy. Welcome back Ziggy, you little bugger! We are relieved beyond belief to have you home!

Missing Member

The warmth has settled on the hills

But I am somewhere else

Not knowing where you are’s what kills

Zig, I’m beside myself

Your sense of fun, my heart has won

Pure love, no complication

I love you like my feline son

Unique communication

Be safe, be well, come back and tell

us you’re ok, we miss you

To wait like this is total hell

Return back home, we’ll kiss you

Where on this earth have you now roamed?

One glimpse and we’ll be peaceful

The head butts and those chirpy tones

All dolphin like and gleeful

No we will not relax until

We know you’re in good health

The warmth has settled on the hills

But I am somewhere else

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