Dolce far Niente

When I go for a morning run by the river I like to stop for a while when finished and simply be. My mind often tries to tell me to crack on with my to-do list but it is always worth politely ignoring it and taking some moments to do absolutely nothing. The simplicity of being opens up so much.

Conscious Drifter

I watched the time pass by as I sat by the river’s edge

To sit and be a gift to me, this life; a privilege

As my thoughts passed like rippled glass upon the water’s surface

The knowing one inside just laughed; Of course the stillness’s worth it!

Take time to stop, let yourself drop

into the peace of resting

In stillness you will hit that spot so sweet, it’s worth investing!

Simplicity to grateful eyes heals so much fear and suffering

For less is more to those who’re wise, this life’s a wondrous offering

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