Deep Dive

Yesterday I had an amazing massage which allowed me to sink so deeply in my body that I felt as if I was in another realm! Needless to say, it was tough to resurface again at the end of the massage and so I decided to write about my experience in order to keep the energy of it in my Being a little longer!


In the safe, night-blue sea of profundity

I swim in slow strokes, gently scuffing the warm waves

Here there is spaciousness.

It is quiet,

and I can even hear the tiny hairs upon my neck

as they squeal in serene satisfaction…




I am the wise wisdom of an ancient whale.

The silent knowing of a sacred seashell.

I am the speechless holding of the Deep Blue.

Calm and tender and happily alone.

Penetrating the endless depths of solitude

in gentle curiosity

Plunging downwards

in complete Trust.

Travelling here allows me to regenerate

To caress the still rock pools of emptiness

with eager fins

My darling Fire; you are the very soul of me

We’ll always radiate the zealous sparks of ecstasy

For this is a given.

Yet I need to honour

the secluded spots within –

and you know that.

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