Seize the Ease

Giving myself a day off mid-week was such a treat for the mind, heart, body and soul. After my massage I took a long, slow walk along the river and noticed countless little details even more vividly than usual. I didn’t realise quite how much my system had been needing this spaciousness until I finally listened and responded to its request. How could you create a little spaciousness in your day?

Time Out

When I dial out

the incessant messages

and requests

and demands for engagement

I see the swirling clarity of the restless river

I hear the witty whispering of the speculating sparrows

and I feel the glow of the amicable

autumn sun grazing

upon my tired toes

It is I who creates the take-your-turn texting marathons

the gazillion Zoom gatherings

and the need to be constantly a part

of something else

Just now a hover-fly landed on my hand

and I saw it

I actually noticed it’s gently buzzing wings

and its delicate touch

against my chilly hand

and my insides smiled

with relief

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