New Directions

For yesterday’s Creative Spring Challenge I set “Signposts” as a prompt. As I set out on my morning stroll I began thinking about the many diversions in our lives and how important our choices are at these pivotal moments. The following poem was the result of my walking reflections!


Who are you now at this fork in the road?

What if pure love were to lead you?

In which direction does your heart explode?

Less travelled paths, they can free you

What do you gain when you choose what’s the same?

What do you risk in the straying?

Could it be time to veer off from what’s tame?

Which is the route less obeying?

Souls are not made in the same spot to stay

Do you go where the others have sent you?

Open yourself to what your signposts say

Where are you called to adventure?


11 thoughts on “New Directions

  1. I don’t expect to come across any signposts at my time of life. There are days when I would like to though, so if by some miracle one does arrive, I will be glad and choose carefully…

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