Blossoming Appreciation

Yesterday I set the participants of my Creative Spring Challenge a prompt about gratitude. I decided to also pen a poem on the topic and this wrote itself fairly easily as I sipped tea in my back garden, looking out at the sunny day and all of the virtues surrounding me!

For the slithers of tipsy sun that soak through the blurry window grooves

Grateful for..,

For the two aqua saucers of light that gaze at me with delicate feline love despite her current state of pain

For the virtuous buzzing in my tired toes after a soul-boosting run in the forest

For the savouring of slow sips of decaff Earl Grey from my old favourite bird-patterned mug of many years.

For the upbeat breeze that sends ripples of life through the shedding blossom

For the patient trickle of the tiny pond that takes up half of our garden

For the well-worn earthiness of my home where airs and graces are foreign concepts

For the breath of life that makes each very second a miracle

How can one not be?

Grateful for…

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