Scary Aries

Us Aries beings can be like a dog with a bone when we embark upon a new project! Even if you think that star signs are a load of old mumbo jumbo, I speak for myself when I say that I am very aligned to the energy of my sign. Recently I imagined a ram who is rampant with resolve which turned into the poem below.

The Ram

When stakes are high, she drives ahead

Her mind a focussed prism

Unlike the bull, when she sees red

By anger she’s not driven

Her twisted horns, so far from scorn

Her spirit strong and zealous

When in her a new idea’s born

Can make her rivals jealous

At times naive and hard to please

Impatience is no virtue

“This moment it is here to seize

Some extra work won’t hurt you!”

She charges forth incautiously

Excitement, here I am

Infectious her naivety

You cannot stop The Ram

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