Hanging by a Thread

I do love the chance to experiment with different poetic forms it has to be said. The experience of having a set form in which to unleash my creativity enables my left and right brain thinking to harmonise nicely! Today’s Rondeau poem is about a random Lego character attached to a piece of string that my brother and I towed along the canal water for a week during a childhood family barge holiday in France!

Redon Rondeau

We carried you through deep currents

A chord secured to your ankle

A passenger of sorts to us

Our parents laughed at all the fuss

Random French barge trip occurrence

Triangular Lego-made head

For hours by string you were lead

And we never lost sight of you

We carried you.

They drank red wine quite oblivious

Attracted by hobbies more frivolous

Desperate, we couldn’t see you in tatters

Floating alone like you didn’t matter

Saved from a fate that was perilous

We carried you.

Photo : http://toysandbacon.blogspot.com/2012/06/top-10-collectible-lego-minifigures.html?m=1


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