Passing Through

Yesterday I was in a beautiful conversation with a colleague. I was telling him all about my Dad and how much he has inspired my creative process. And an enormous sensation of grief began passing through my body. That kind of visceral wave that surges the tears from your heart out through your eyes and all you can do is simply allow it.

They were not just tears of sadness and pain. They were tears of gratitude and of release. Tears of joy for the knowing what is to experience unconditional love. Tears of reverence.

My colleague could not have been more genuine in this moment. He took my hand whilst this momentous emotion swept through my body and he held me. Neither of us spoke whilst the grief wave took its course. We just remained in constant eye contact and allowed my body to do its thing.

And then it passed.


Sometimes they drift in with no sign

My eyes they sting with salty brine

And sometimes they float over me

And cleanse me of uncertainty

Sometimes they crash onto my shore

And almost knock me to the floor

Their force and magnitude so strong

My soul is simply swept along

Sometimes they lap onto the sand

I walk beside them, hand in hand

But then one sneaks up from behind

I feel I’m drowning in my mind

The timing of these waves is strange

They always make me grow and change

As they wash in I understand

We are but tiny grains of sand

Upon a universal beach

I’m open to what my waves teach


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