Joy-n Me 🤩

Since embarking upon my Tantra journey I have experience a whole new level of joy. It’s not that every day is a bed of roses but I am increasingly more able to tap into joy at will. Recently I became aware of the fact that this could be too much for some people and I noticed myself starting to reign my joy in. That was until a good friend gave me a good talking to and now I’m back in full permission!

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Trust that being in your joy’s, the greatest gift you bring

Don’t hold it back, play small or coy, shine out when your soul sings

When joy is rife, this precious life exudes from your vibrations

Don’t have to act reserved and nice, entice with jubilation!

Trust that showing inner bliss will draw the right folk to you

The ones that your high vibes resist, deep down wish that they could do you

Don’t reign it in as a decoy for mirth’s a sacred thing!

Trust that being in your joy’s, the greatest gift you bring


One thought on “Joy-n Me 🤩

  1. It is rare to open to the level of bliss that awaits each of us in the ground of our being….don’t bring shade to it if you have it…don’t attenuate when you can complete oneness as it pulls each of us deeper into itself—which is what we are. If you have it, melt into it!

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