Trust the Chaos

Recently I have heard a lot of people speaking about being with the unknown and learning how to trust the process and the chaos sometimes. It does feel like the last couple of years are teaching us a great deal when it comes to uncertainty and when we embrace the state of constant change, new awareness arises. I have just got back from an amazing retreat in Portugal with my iguanas and this theme surfaced a lot for me whilst there. On the second day Andy messaged to say our cat Ebony had gone missing and that he had Covid. When I returned I had to stay in a Hotel in my home town until he tested negative and on my arrival home I did my back in. Fortunately our little princess Ebony returned after ten days of being stuck in a neighbour’s garage but this whole period has required a lot of faith in what’s emerging.

For Sure

Uncertainty can be a gift it wakes us up inside

Here’s what I wrote whilst there.

For when our comfort blanket lifts into more trust we glide

The less we cling the more good things

can come towards our being

May we love freely without strings

The here and now start seeing

Do not be blown by the unknown

For spirit is revealing

that change our souls has always grown

And presence fosters healing

Be with the flow of life and drift

With your heart open wide

Uncertainty can be a gift

It wakes us up inside

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