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Dear blog readers,

We all deserve a roof over our heads and a place in which to feel warm, cosy and safe. As I sat in my lounge at Christmas time, enjoying comforting food and some quiet time to reflect in, I began to feel a deep sense of pain for those on the streets at this cold, harsh time of year.

This feeling has inspired me to hold an all day Poetrython from 8.00am – 8.00pm on Saturday 29th January to raise funds for St Mungo’s homeless charity. Throughout the day I will be writing poetry and am open to any themes/wishes you might have – please do send your suggestions.

Deeply grateful for any sponsors,

Here is my sponsor page, and a little poetry on the theme…

With love,


Facing Homelessness

It’s easier to not ask why

To make excuses, pass on by

Yet some are cold and on the streets

A daily fight to sleep and eat

So many stories led them there

These people need our love and care

At Christmas in my cosy home

I felt such pain for those alone

We all deserve a comfy bed

And a safe roof over our heads

The homeless don’t deserve their plight

Belonging is a human right

Let’s look the suffering in the eye

What we see could be you or I

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