Glowing Knowing

Our minds do love to troubleshoot problems and and this is not always a bad thing as they enable us to assess potential risk and to make informed choices. However, there are always a hundred and one reasons to put off our heart’s desire and to protect ourselves from failure and when we take the chance and go with our gut, we are often surprised by the magic that transpires in our lives.

Going for it

Find a way, you know you can

Go think outside the box

Where there’s a will, the ways there – damn

Call in your wise old fox

Make it happen, live your dream

for we’re a long time gone

You won’t find answers on white screens

Connect with you-dot-com

Take a shot, create what’s next

Adapt and make things work

We often get what we expect

What makes you wink and smirk?

Take a chance and make a stand

Yes free those tied up locks

Find a way, you know you can

Go think outside the box

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