Leading by Example

The way that my Dad was in the world inspires me on a daily basis. He was so true to his values and in turn valued all of those around him and made them feel loved ants special. A couple of months ago during an embodied movement practice, I felt his presence very strongly as did the other participants and I wrote the following poem straight after the session.


My Dad was the sort of man

who talked about his feelings

He taught me that to name my emotional experience was a human right

and this was the most important gift

I have ever received

or ever will.

My Dad was the sort of man who listened more than he spoke

who gave more than he took

and who lit up a room through the humility of his presence.

When I was a skinny, spotty sixteen year old squirming down the stairs in my gruesome green High School Prom dress,

my Dad beamed at me. He told me that I looked beautiful and that he was so proud.

And he meant it.

And I felt beautiful.

That gawky, lanky little girl who got seen by love and made to feel like a million dollars for just being her will always know how it is to feel beautiful from the inside.

And the gratitude I feel for this knowing is

too monumental

for words.

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