Bake Off

Today is set to be a scorcher this end so I will venture out early for my morning rendezvous with nature and then keep cool at home until sunset! As it has been heating up the last couple of days, the sizzling sun has of course made its way into my writing as intense experiences so often do.

Heating Up

Ferociously the fierce sun burns, through the frazzled lanes

All we can do is feel the rays until the heatwave tames

The force is strong, I trudge along, the wilting fields are praying

for beads of rain to come along and rescue where they’re laying

It wipes you out, each yearly bout of dry relentless beating

Though some to summer are devout, I welcome Autumn’s greeting

Each season makes us live and learn, there’s always loss and gain

Ferociously the fierce sun burns through the frazzled lanes

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12 thoughts on “Bake Off

  1. I remember how hot it was here in the Philippines last April and May, which is our summer months. Working from home those time’s was a challenge because of the heat. I’m glad there’s rain these days as it is much cooler. I hope you have a cooler weather tomorrow.


  2. “Though some to summer are devout, I welcome Autumn’s greeting” That’s me through and through. Can’t wait for the cooler weather and colorful leaves. 🙂


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