Trust your Path

Continuing to be inspired by Deepak Chopra’s Abundance series, I began reflecting upon the good that has always come out of trusting my path. Our minds cannot understand everything and we are exactly where we are meant to be. My intention for today is to have patience with myself and to remember that my Dad is always there in the background, guiding me towards my higher truth.

Om Anadham Nama

We cannot force the outcome

We do not have control

We try too hard – the doubts come

Too fixed on the end goal

Yet when we stop arranging

and trust the path we walk

It’s then our lives start changing

The universe can talk

We open to potential

Attract what we most need

The details consequential

Our energy may lead

Don’t let the sullen pout come

For fear can suck the soul

No more projected outcomes

Relinquish the control

Abundance keeps me whole


12 thoughts on “Trust your Path

  1. For some reason, this line stood out “Attract what we most need.” When we let go of the need to control, when we trust and relax and lean in, that’s exactly what happens. 🙂

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