Sorry Not Sorry

Last weekend I was feeling even more poetic than usual and decided to delve into my Crafty Poet prompt book and play around with some new forms. I loved spending quality time with my inner word geek and particularly enjoyed experimenting with the apology poem form featured below.

Escapist’s Relapse

I’m sorry for not hoovering the lounge.

I was melting maroon marshmallows beneath the delta dusk

when an arduous harp hurried towards my heart with quite unavoidable charisma

My apologies for not having hoovered

I was on the brink

when I plunged into a looking glass and drowned in my own reflection

which was stupefying

as we often see ourselves

as others see us

and this required me to seek out a more

rose-tinted shade of self-appreciation

I am not the astronaut.

I am the court jester

who just sent your prejudices flying

into your numb skull.

I am the fearless flame-thrower who forces you

to face your fucked-up feelings.

I am the open door that

holds your judgments to ransom

by its very presence.

I am liberating

your lineage,

drilling for the crude oil

Photo :

in your crooked veins

5 thoughts on “Sorry Not Sorry

  1. I love this one, Sam. It’s edgy. Reminds me of days I got so submerged in my writing I forgot, literally, everything else. How can it be 6 pm and I haven’t showered, not a single chore is done, the dog has not been walked, and I haven’t any idea what we’re having for dinner? Sucked in by maroon marshmallows, I guess. LOL. 🙂

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