Sea Shenanigans

In general, whilst I myself love physically being in water, Android is more partial to be sailing on the surface. This preference shifts slightly though when some wild waves are in the mix, encouraging my boating sidekick to take the plunge and join me in some Sea Shenanigans!


It was the one that broke over your head like

a freshly cracked egg

that caused the most amusement

All the more so given the succession of sideward breakers

that slammed you back into the ocean’s belly

offering little chance of recovery

Such a good sport

All hedgehog-haired and smiley-eyed

Even your much-worn sunglasses rolled into the surf

engulfed forever in Spanish swell

We walked hand-in-hand along the ballooning bay

Feet tickled by the aftermath of foamed festoon

What takes us back to childhood is always a winner.


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