Take me as I am

I have written a fair few poems about friendship as this is a value which I place highly in life. I am fortunate to have friendships spanning across many years and feel so grateful for this. A common feature of a true friendship seems to be the ability to accept changes and remain loyal.

For Life

A friend is not for Christmas

Not just for happy times

A friend’s an eager listener

Puts up with your bad rhymes

A friend forgives your fuck ups

And takes you as you are

No bullshit and no suck up

Still there when they live far

A friend goes with the changes

And loves you still the same

They know that your mood ranges

And that at times you’re lame

Together you have belly laughs

The crows feet they stay with you

They’re in your future and your past

Belongingness they give you

A real friend knows you inside out

They’d give you their last penny

Believe in you when you self-doubt

No one can have too many


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