In the Moment

Present moment appreciation is no new concept and yet is still an illusive state for many of us. It is only natural for our minds to want to change and improve things and yet this process in itself detracts greatly from our ability to be present. As Andy and I made our way down to the Neuchâtel for a lake walk, I was filled with a sense of being thankful for the present moment.

For what it is

For what it is, is where the richness almost always lies

For what it is, enables us to let it be and rise

We do not know how life will go, we must just simply savour

Taking life for what is is, not letting presence waiver

For what it is, is simply this, there’s nothing more to fathom

For what it is, is total bliss

Don’t drown in What If’s chasm

We do not gain, when we complain about what might befall us

Departing on The Future’s train

From happiness can stall us

For what it is, allows us to detach from over-thinking

For what it is, ensures that into gloom we are not sinking

We see the good, we knock on wood, the universe applauds us

It feels as if we’ve understood as providence rewards us

There really is no greater gift than the instant we now live

My heart is fully open to love life for what it is

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