In for the Ride

I am still. buzzing this morning from a day of soulful dancing at an Azul dance workshop in Zurich this weekend which I attended with my friend Gail.

The workshop was all about letting go of the old and inviting in the new and of course to do any of this you have to let yourself connect with the pain first.

During a trauma release segment I caught myself having a deep and refreshing sense of empathy for my own process followed by a strong feeling of self-respect for my ability to bounce back. I wrote this poem during the break and shared in the closing circle  prompting several participants to ask about my book and a couple committing to buy!

All a great reminder that when I do my inner work, I automatically impact others 


Ride the Wild Horse 

I am the girl who rose above
When in the mud her face was shoved
The one who lost who was most dear
Yet with more love she reappeared
Yes I’m the one who took the blows
Got hammered down and up she rose
The one with bruises, scrapes and scars
Yes I’m that person, we all are
For life is full of twists and turns
At some time we have all been burned
And how it helps when we recall
That we resurface when we fall
It hurt so deep to be betrayed
To have my loyalty repaid
By brutal actions and rejection
Yet from that place of introspection
I grew stronger, more could weather
And now I’m more myself than ever
When life threw everything off course
I learned to ride that wild old horse


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