Slice of Life

People watching is one of our favourite things to do on holiday and there were plenty of opportunities in Sitges! There is nothing like sitting in a little Spanish square and watching the quirky little world go by and we saw some interesting characters!


It’s fun to watch the people pass and see their quirky ways

A crazy dog bring us a laugh, its owner quite un-phased

The statues still and yet they fill the beach with artsy promise

Observing Spanish life fulfils, I’m getting so much from this

Alarms set off, fresh coffees froth, the boat masts start to jingle

The windy sunshine sweet and soft, upon the streets folk mingle

My thinking mind not quite so fast, some time for stillness pays

It’s fun to watch the people pass and see their quirky ways


5 thoughts on “Slice of Life

  1. You definitely have the knack, Sam! I eavesdropped two, would-be lovers, way back at a beachside (Spanish) cafe, and you could feel the sparks, while the couple’s words left nothing to the imagination. German and Swedish, they spoke in English, so I returned home and repeated their conversation (later) at an English class I ran and asked the members to write a short story about the outcome. It was varied and most interesting, although one member’s effort lead to murder… xx

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