Lucky Ducky 🦆

It was Andy’s 21 again Birthday on Saturday and and he chose to celebrate with a couple of beers and a curry in town. We had such a lovely evening, even reminiscing about our very first date fifteen years ago now! I am so lucky to have Andy in my life.

All That You Are

Your presence is security, maturity and strength

You live your life assuredly, no fuss and no pretence

You show me what it really means to partner with and foster

a sense of unity and team that moves along and prospers

I love your stoic, earthy ways, your stature true and tall

With you I feel accepted as I am, yes warts and all

A day does not pass by without me feeling thankful thoughts

You are the sense of family that my heart always sought

So different from the outside, yet somehow we make sense

Your presence is security, maturity and strength


6 thoughts on “Lucky Ducky 🦆

  1. Well said, Sam. Happy Birthday to Andy! He sounds very much like my husband, except in age. He’s 94!! Still drives like Stirling Moss, does the shopping and cooking! Has conquered cancer and has a retentive memory. What more could I want…And he’s loving and humorous too! xx

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