Becoming Bliss

Dear friends,

Madonna once said:

 “Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.” 

And I so agree!

When we consciously activate our Kundalini or life force energy we begin to feel a heightened sense of joy and bliss. Everyday life becomes more vibrant and we are literally lit up from the inside. We radiate a true and embodied sense of Self-Love. And it shows. We are in better relationships with ourselves and others, we deal with our setbacks with more grace, and we are super creative! People want to be around us and have a little bit of what we have!

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve forgotten how to experience pleasure? Or that you simply don’t have enough time in the day?

Would you love to experience more sensual, spiritual and sexual bliss? And learn how to create from this energy?

Want to bubble up?

Inspired by my own Tantra journey, I am excited to be offering a brand new  Becoming Bliss, private coaching programme. This enlivening 3 month programme will help you to feel more awake, ecstatic and alive. Your energetic vibration will be lifted to a whole new level, allowing you to attract the experiences you most want in your personal and professional life.

This beautiful gift-to-self, is a unique opportunity to clear away the cobwebs, to heal old wounds and to grow into your most magnetic, radiant and abundant self.  An invitation to love yourself fully, fiercely and unapologetically. Throughout the journey you will learn how to inhabit your sovereignty and noticeably increase the power of your presence. 


The Becoming Bliss Journey

You will experience:

✯ 6 x 90’ bi-weekly Becoming Bliss individual Sensuality coaching sessions scheduled to fit with your personal needs (via Zoom or F2F)

✯ WhatsApp voice note support between the sessions

✯ A personalised celebration poem on completion of your journey

✯ Access to the Becoming Bliss playlist

✯ Guided visualisations

✯ Tantric breathwork

✯ Deep connection to your body

✯ Conscious Touch work (expressing wants/needs and boundaries)

✯ Kundalini activation

✯ Emotional de-armouring techniques

✯ Ecstatic movement sessions

✯ Inspiring poetry readings

✯ Guided journaling

✯ Creating from Kundalini activities

Eventually the investment for this programme will be 1800.00 CHF and as this is a pilot programme, I am pleased to be offering you, my dear friends and blog readers only, a special discounted rate. So from now until 15.10.22, you can book your Becoming Bliss Journey for 997.00 CHF.

If this offering has aroused your interest and excited your heart, send me an email to’ or book an intro call to find out more here:


This is a journey which will deepen your connection to your authentic self


A journey which will challenge and awaken you


A journey which will help you express your truth and open your heart in new and exciting ways

Can’t wait to travel with you and witness your glowing! If you’d like to receive my Tantra newsletters, send me a dm with your email address.


With fierce love


p.s  And, of course, a poem!


Pleasure can be sourced within

You do not have to wait 

It’s inside us that joy begins 

Love is our natural state 

Pleasure is not frivolous 

Not guilty and not wrong 

To feel the thrill that lives in us 

Is beautiful and strong 

Pleasure’s not superfluous 

Not selfish or reserved 

It can new passions stir in us

It’s energy can serve 

To want more of it is no sin 

May with it you inflate 

Pleasure can be sourced within

You do not have to wait


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