Ecstatic Moments

After two and a half years of receiving Tantra massage, I recently began training in it. During the first inspiring weekend of trainings Petra our guide led us in an exquisite Butterfly Meditation. The most beautiful meditation I have ever done. And here’s the poetry it inspired me to write!

Butterfly Bliss

As I reclined and closed my eyes

Breathed deep, released some body sighs

Feet on the ground with outstretched thighs

The trembling began to rise

It was euphoric, can’t deny

To feel made love to by the sky

No need to do, no need to try

But open and be tantalised

My body rippled in wild waves

Received the love and in bliss bathed

Amazed by what this movement gave

What thrill to be divine love’s slave

My yoni fluttered, pelvis rolled

Self-love expanded through this hold

My heart wide open and my soul

When we allow, so much unfolds

I moaned, I shook with ecstasy

And let joy’s movements move through me

They played me instrumentally

Life force just wants us to be free

My body loved this huge surprise

Surrendering to paradise

Pulsating cells, revitalised

Enlivened by vibrations wise

Who knew what could emerge from here?

Such twinkling feelings did appear!

For source is palpable and near

We’re loved, we’re held, divinely steered


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