Nature Knows 🦋

Nature has to be the best teacher out there. Yesterday morning, whilst walking in the forest, I saw a butterfly that had got trapped in a web. My rescuer immediately kicked in and I’ll leave you to discover the rest in the poem below!

Lesson from a Butterfly 

A butterfly flapped in a web

So desperate to escape 

All caught up were her sticky legs 

Confinement my heart breaks 

And so I tried to loose the ties 

I knew I must be quick

And with a stick to my surprise 

Soon her feet did un-stick 

But frantic flaps are big mishaps 

For insects fine and slight 

Upon release, quite still she sat 

Who knows if she’d take flight? 

I stayed a while, still in denial 

For I had tried to save her!

I knew I had to reconcile 

My unhelpful behaviour 

Sometimes we must believe and trust 

No rescuing, no doubt 

Resourcefulness resides in us 

We’ll find our own way out 

Do what you can and be at peace 

Let nature have its say 

It’s we that our own selves release 

Where there’s a will, a way

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