The Tops 🏔

Yesterday I experienced a peak moment! You know, one of those moments when you feel completely in flow and totally “on purpose”?

I’m sure that you can guess by now that this had to do with creative expression! I have decided to include some nature poetry recitals bonus material for my new poetry book and so I chose to spend a couple of hours recording in the forest.

As I recited one of the poems called “Strong”, a tribute to my late Father, I felt deeply moved and had goosebumps all over me. In fact with each poem that I recited, I felt and sensed a whole rainbow of emotions and and aliveness. I loved the way that my body helped me to communicate the message behind the words and the experience felt very much like channeling.

When I write and recite I am literally alight! Creating poetry is the most authentic way for me to share my soul with the world.

And I’m so grateful.

What makes you feel alive these days?

Leap of Faith

I plunge into the open
Each inch of me alive
Propelled by heart and hoping
This is my soul’s skydive
Reacting not deflecting
Impactful and immense
There’s nothing worth protecting
where logic makes no sense
This moment is my mission
I stretch out to the max
My parachute; permission
I burst out through the cracks
There’s wonderment around me
I span the endless sky
The rightfulness dumbfounds me
At height there is no I
Expanded and empowered
By love and life and grace
My confidence a tower
This is my leap of faith

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