Biting Back

My back has been speaking to me again the last few days and I know that I need to listen! Lying flat is so difficult for an energetic creative but even an hour or two would probably make a difference. Yesterday I decided it was time to capture my back’s message in words. Well, it’s a start…

Back Chat

We are on the same team, woman!

Don’t you get it?

Your charging forward obliviously will get us absolutely nowhere.

And if the truth be told. You know that.

I have been trudging you and your

headless-chicken antics around for too long. And I’m weary .

Yes. Body parts are allowed to be tired you know?

Please don’t say that I didn’t try to warn you. I had you lay flat for days on end this year in my futile attempts to get your attention. Yet you ploughed on.

Pulling me around like a servile rag doll

Complacently expecting me to perform.

We are not enemies.

If you could only see that my role is to hold you in the most sturdy way possible

So that you might do and be

a truly great soul

I shouldn’t always have to shout so loud to be heard.

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