Write On

Writing a book does not have to be hard.

For sure it requires patience, commitment and perseverance.

It takes the courage to express, create and share your soul with the world in a vulnerable way.

And this can be a very joyful process!

I have spent the past seven years of my life writing and blogging poetry every single day. I developed this practice on receiving a powerful message to write my feelings down after losing my amazing Father to pancreatic cancer back in 2015.

And now after years of cathartic creation, I am getting so much fulfilment out of finally putting my words into print.

My poetry book is nearly ready to publish and I am savouring the experience. I am thrilled that so many people in my network have been supportive on this journey and are looking forward to reading it.

And everything about this feels so right.

Thank you to all of my WordPress followers and connections who see me and who know and get what this project of the heart means.

What are your current projects of the heart?

Just Write

Just write and let your soul take flight

Let undiscovered sparks ignite

On wakeful, starry lonesome nights

Let your pen run amok and write

Let dark blue ink run down your page

Uncork your deep red wine that’s aged

Release your truth, creative sage

How lions roar when they’re uncaged!

Just write with no end goal in sight

Transmit your very human plight

The grammar police are sleeping tight!

Within your fingers there is light

Just write, express with all your might

Fear not of being wrong or right

Your heart’s desire, your inner fight

Paint what you feel with words, just write!

13 thoughts on “Write On

  1. This poem is so precious, I have to write is somewhere where I can see it more often. It hits the core of all the reasons why I write and it gives me such a push into releasing and doing what I love to do the most. Thank you!

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