The Flip Side

For every traumatic emotion there is a positive polar opposite. And actually it might not be as far removed as we often think. I really believe that opposites are two sides of the same coin and that to know one is to know the other. When we integrate polarity we start to have self-compassion for everything we experience.


The other side of grief

Is love beyond all measure

The other side of pain that’s deep

Is pure and total pleasure

The other side of crying

Is joy in all its forms

The other side of sighing

Is taking life by storm

The other side of losing

Is unexpected gain

Perspective’s for the choosing

We can #beginagain

The opposites connected

For everything is joined

By both we are affected

Two sides of the same coin

From doubting to belief

All held within our hearts

The other side of grief

I’d love that’s off the charts


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