Appreciation Invitation

I love where I live and feel extremely fortunate for my living environment. I am able to be in nature every day and now that the summer has arrived I also manage a swim in the outdoor pool most days. I experience many ups and downs and yet still there is a lot of contentment found when I simply open up to the present and feel grateful for what I have. What are you grateful for this morning?


I’m blessed to be right where I am

Here where the river whispers

I’m present to the current plan

Cool water; my uplifter

I’m grateful every time I walk

The harmony astounds me

The lightness and the deeper talks

I feel grace all around me

No need to seek external thrills

True bliss inside is measured

Joy rests upon our window sill

Must open to our pleasure

Complete enjoyment is allowed

The key you can untwist her

I’m blessed to be right here, right now

Here where the river whispers


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