Feeling Together

Unless people specifically ask for our advice, the most useful thing that we can do to support them through their challenges, is to simply be with them. Feeling along with people makes them feel less alone and the feeling of shared humanity can help tremendously.

In it Together

Be with people where they are

Don’t try to change or fix them

In staying there, they’ll travel far

Advice does not un-stick them!

Walk beside them, feel along

The strong allow emotions

Compassion helps us to belong

No need to fight commotion

Name what’s present, let it be

Accompany, be open

It’s how you are that they will see

Not clever words unspoken

Validate where they are sat

For your empathic tones

will help them be with where they’re at

and feel far less alone


12 thoughts on “Feeling Together

      1. I think it’s about making sure we offer what the person most needs which is often moral support and sharing feelings as opposed to assuming we know what’s best on their behalf. Sometimes they need and ask for advice in which case it’s the right thing to offer.


      2. I hear what you say.

        Like everything else, it’s a matter of degree.

        Let’s agree now that you won’t tell me what the “right” thing to offer my friend is, and I won’t argue with you beginning with the words “need” and “ask.”

        We can agree that it’s a balance, and a balance worth serious consideration ~ and that this balance shifts uniquely for the many subtle influences bearing upon each friendship, and each exchange, right?


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