Change Range

As a Leadership Coach, I have the honour of guiding and witnessing people in their transformation process. What I love the most about this, is that each journey is completely unique. Transformation can take many shapes and forms and today’s poem celebrates the very personal aspect of it.


Transformation doesn’t always shout loudly, parading itself around like a neon catsuit!

No, it doesn’t necessarily announce itself on Facebook, disappear to an Ashram in Kerala or put its house on the market overnight due to an irrepressible urge to do things differently NOW.

Transformation can be a subtle whisper.

A gentle cooing.

A calm, grounded whir of an inner knowing that your soul is evolving effortlessly

according to its very own style and rhythm.


is worn so differently

felt so differently

experienced so differently

by all those who dare to really

“go there”

and there really is no one size fits all

It is a daily choice to flow with the growing.

A daily decision to embrace authenticity.

A daily commitment to allow your expression.

Come what may.

And how that all looks on the outside, can be incredibly diverse.

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