Soothing Sunshine

A few days ago whilst out walking I really noticed the warmth of the sunshine resting on my back. It was almost as if it’s warmth was holding me and it felt very safe and nurturing. As this feeling grew stronger, so did the urge to write, resulting in the following poem.

In other news, I am excited to announce that our Awaken Me, self-actualisation retreat is now live and will take place in the beautifully grounds of the Quinta Catrinandes in Northern Portugal from 2nd – 7th August 2022. Would love to see you there! Find out more here:

Holding what’s Unfolding

The sun rests on my weary back and warms my heart space through

We have to cut ourselves some slack, and take each step anew

The planes that glide through breezy sky insist the world’s back open

Upon our laurels let’s not lie, it’s greed that leaves us broken

When I am kind, accept the signs, and trust in my evolving

There’s peacefulness within my mind, old wounds begin resolving

Creative nature has the knack of sending subtle clues

The sun rests on my weary back and warms my heart space through

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