Self-First Burst

As an empath I can be deeply affected by other people’s energy, expectations, needs and impact. This can lead to over-giving and to taking on other people’s energy and feeling drained.

And so I have learned, sometimes the hard way, over the years how vital it is for my health and well-being for me to look after my own needs first. Self-first does not mean selfish. We have to put on our own oxygen mask first before we can help others.


Put yourself into the mix

You’re part of the equation

Don’t have to just solutions fix

You count in this creation

Keep a sense of your self-worth

Check in with how you’re feeling

It’s quite ok to be “self-first”

From here you’re more appealing

Hold yourself, respect you needs

Be not so self-effacing

Self-love more of its power breeds

Are you yourself embracing?

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