Emotional Memories

Yesterday, as we sauntered along the Route des Vins in the Alsace, my Dad was really in my heart. I remembered the magical last Christmas that we spent together in Kaysersberg and the feelings came flooding back. Within no time I felt a poem coming on and after expressing myself creatively I felt a lot lighter and able to enjoy a lovely, lazy lunch in Eguisheim.


That Christmas spent in Kaysersberg was magical and dear
Your joyful heart hugged all of it with childlike Christmas cheer
The festive streets were laced with sleet, the Glühwein stands all-warming
Somehow you always stayed upbeat, strong memories were forming

That Christmas spent in Kaysersberg was bittersweet, intense
To spend this special time with you so much to my heart meant
Your whole face smiled whilst we compiled sweet hours of celebration
Inside I could not reconcile this unfair situation

For you were bright like Christmas lights, your love; a one off present
You glowed through all my darkest nights, your hope my greatest lesson
I won’t forget how thrilled you’d get, how I wish you were here
As we drive close to Kaysersberg, your presence feels so near

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