Welcomed Feelings

When uncomfortable feelings arise we often have a tendency to either push them away, or to try to do something about them. Each coping strategy has its place of course but usually, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to acknowledge, accept and befriend our feelings, knowing that they will change at some point for we are in constant flux.


Sometimes it is better to do absolutely nothing about it.



I know that your rebellious little army of stubbornly productive thoughts might be ready to go battle right now

but trust me.

You can’t make it go away.

Grief is a slippery kind of a ghost.

It creeps up when you least expect it to, projecting your heart back into past traumas

with very little mercy

It forces you into its presence like a harrowing scene from a bad movie

and of course you want to


The courage to face into our anguish takes practice, after all.

When we stay with ourselves through the numbness, the tears, the anger and the confusion…

When we breathe through the pangs and the twists and the aches in our sorrowed spleen

Slowly but surely;

We heal

We transmute

We transcend

It is not for the faint hearted of course.

But surrender is where

our true power lies

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