Peacock Presence

I do so love butterflies. And in recent years the peacock butterfly in particular has come to be quite a telling symbol for me. A few weeks ago whilst I was searching for answers to what feels like an eternal question in my life, I saw a vibrant red peacock butterfly that had landed beneath my feet. As I walked down the path it cavorted with me and I couldn’t help but see this as a sign of how to move forward.

Flying Fancy

Don’t have to give it all away, your subtly attracts

Proclaimed my two-winged guide today who danced upon the track

Go playfully and you will see your energy’s alluring

Evoke the mystery like me, all wide-eyed red, imploring

Each time I stop to ask, I find, the cosmos starts replying

If we believe in nature’s signs towards us they start flying

When I am present and aware, my heart space I don’t shut her

There’s lightness, vibrancy and flair – I make your insides flutter

Sometimes we need to fly away so that we can come back

So tease a bit like me today, see how you watch my tracks?

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