Back Again!

I had intense lower back pain all weekend for the third time in recent months. Once I had let go of the frustration of not being able to walk and run in nature, pain aside, I began to see the gift. I read a lovely book called “Love without conditions”, had a long conversation with a tribe mate and am aware that the slowness was somehow needed. And more time for poetry of course!

For Giving

Forgive the past, forgive them all
We heal when we forgive
Let down those stubborn ego walls
To let go is: to live
Forgive the words, forgive the deeds
though you can’t comprehend them
Forgiveness is a noble creed
May loving thoughts, you send them
Forgive yourself, do not invest
your soul in self-negation
You’re human and you did your best
No more recriminations
Your love is vast, your love enthrals
Your love is what transcends
Forgive your fear, forgive it all
Then waves of peace you’ll send


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