The Return of the Princess

When our princess Ebony went missing for ten days recently we were beside ourselves with worry. Our three cats really are our furry family and home just doesn’t feel complete when one is missing. It was speaking to animal communicator Lynn Schuster on the ninth day of Ebony’s absence that gave Andy the hope to go and look for her one last time. It was during this final search that he heard and found her trapped in a neighbour’s garage where we believe that she had been living on mayonnaise and mice according to photographic evidence from our neighbour. So happy to have her back with us!

Friends Reunited

The princess and her beau have been by fortune reunited

For ten whole days quote unforeseen her dainty paws unsighted

We both were blue, to I and Drew, our kitties are our world

Not much more that we both could do to find our little girl

Until Drew made one last parade around the local streets

Right there upon his merry way, he spied her furry feet!

She cried with joy to see her boy retrieve her from the garage

Emerging proudly there’s no way this feline would be carried!

We’re happier than you could know and it makes me delighted

To see our Princess Ebony and Android reunited!

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