Fabulous Friends

It won’t surprise you to hear that one of my favourite ways to spend time with my friends is by walking in the hills together. Sunday was an idyllic day for walking and on returning from spectacular stroll with my lovely friend Sari, I felt compelled to write!


This afternoon the sunshine drenched our paths in the kindliest of ways.

As we ascended that good old trusty winding route towards the faithful forest, we were blessed.

That splendid sun smiled on us with such eagerness that it made me feel the sacredness of our friendship on another scale entirely. It was almost as if the precious bond that we have formed was being affirmed by the weather Gods beaming down in joyful appreciation.

Or at least that’s how it felt to me.

What I love about us is the ease in which

we slip into the language of the soul.

We do not waste time with empty exchange and superficial social pleasantries

Instead we dive into the goldmine of spontaneous insights which emerge from the ether when we only give them half a chance.

With you I can share from within and beyond. I can speak from what’s there and

allude to the subtleties without the slightest need to translate.

What a gift it is

to have such a

meaningful friendship

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