Moon Moment

The moon was hypnotically bright yesterday as I went for my morning walk. Its presence was so clear and so unavoidable that it impacted my energy in a big way. When we attune to the moon we are aligned with the beauty of truth and our connection to the divine feels direct, beautiful and intense.

Moon Sayer

The moon proclaimed its dignity, its silver shine was proof

A striking morning gift to me; there’s kindness in our truth

Assured and round, clear and profound, my eyes were drawn into it

Our questions may go round and round but deep inside we knew it

We can’t escape our natural state, a waste the self-delusion

When we let show what resonates we make far less confusion

It’s graceful boldness jigged in me, cool, bright yet not aloof

The moon proclaimed its dignity, its silver shine was proof

15 thoughts on “Moon Moment

  1. Poems are like gifts and yours was delightful.
    Now here’s mine to you…
    With powers almost magical,
    mistress of the sea…
    you cast your spell on earth-bound lovers,
    and stir the blood of space-bound brothers.
    The heaven’s night Cyclopic eye –
    sent by the Gods on us to spy?
    you are at times so fickle, shy…
    At others – like a teasing, novice stripper,
    you veil yourself in gauzy clouds,
    revealing tantalizing glimpses,
    until curiosity is aroused.
    And then, when flimsy vapour vanishes
    you show yourself, so full, so proud;
    so certain of your future,
    unlike the trembling, earth-bound crowds.
    Best wshes
    Joy Lennick

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